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I don’t wanna be your stupid girlfriend. I want to fall asleep on your chest and wake you up for work. I want to drink vodka with you until dawn, jump out the window and run barefoot through the streets. I want you to help me to overcome fear and find joy. I want to explore the nooks and crannies of your head and I want you visit mines. I want you to beat the monsters under the bed. I want to talk to you about trivial matters with a serious tone and complex sentences. I want to make you breakfast and coffee in the morning. I want to stop being afraid that one night everything will lose its meaning. I want you to have me and I want to have exclusive you. I want to see happiness in your eyes when we meet and longing when we must part. I want you to teach me what love and dedication for the other person are. I want you to ask me questions, and force me to answer. I want you not have to be afraid of rejection. I want to know your plans and dreams. I want to create the future with you. I want to know your family, and I want you to meet mine. I want to be able to comfort you when something goes wrong. I want you to be able to count on me and I want to be able to count on you. I want to make your dreams come true, and I want you to help me discover my own. I want to be able to tell you all about everything. I want to smoke cigarettes with you all night on the roof and wait for sunrise. I want to watch horror movies with you while drinking mulled wine. I want to be a girl with who you will create your own story.


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